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Welcome to the web presentation of Villa Stefan, owned by family Kecman from Brist!

Brist is amongst the most remote places on Makarska Riviera, some 40 km away from Makarska. It is situated between the sea and mountain Biokovo, stretching across the coast.

The name Brist originates from the name of the elm-tree - brijest (Ulmaceae), dating back to 1571, but the settlement is much older. It was confirmed by the medieval standing tombstone found in the ancient village, above today’s town Brist. 
The town is surrounded by miles of signed walking trails, stretching through the olive-groves and untouched nature. The mountain biking trails surround the town, in the length of 12 km, offering an exciting view to the neighbouring isles and the beautiful Pelješki Kanal Strait. Brist is a small town of abundant tradition and preservation of the cultural heritage, above all famous for being the birthplace of Kačić.


Arrival / What is the best period to visit Croatian coast?

The best period to stay in the towns on Croatian coast is from April to October. In summer season air temperature reaches up to 38°C, while the temperature of the sea surface at that period remains at pleasant 26°C. The peak seasons (July and August) offer some obvious advantages to the guests eager for fun and excitement, although varied Croatian coast offers sufficient peaceful oases for the guests seeking undisturbed sleep away from the music of disco clubs. March brings spring sun and occasional displeasing spring showers, while early autumn, September and October, are ideal for the guests longing for relaxation. In out-of-season period, the swimmers do not overcrowd the beaches; the prices of accommodation are considerably lower, while the weather remains stable and sea temperature pleasant.

In general, you can travel along the Croatian coast throughout the year. However, you should bring somewhat warmer clothes in the winter, regardless to the mild Mediterranean climate. Though the temperatures never go below zero, the wind may be unpleasant.

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    If you plan to stay in Croatia up to 90 days, all you will need is a valid passport. If you come from the European states, most of American states or Japan, you will not need to have visa. However, for additional certainty, please check the list of the countries whose citizens do not need visa to enter Croatia. For that matter, we present the list of the countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Croatia presenting only the personal ID card of their domicile state. To obtain updated information on visa regime, please visit the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic Croatia (Ministarstvo vanjskih poslova Republike Hrvatske)
    The foreign tourists do not pay the services of medical emergency aid if Republic Croatia and their domicile state have signed the Convention on Health Care. Otherwise, the medical services will be charged directly from the beneficiary, in accordance to the price list. The health care facilities are accessible in all towns - hospitals and clinics in all larger cities, and infirmaries, health centres, and pharmacies in all smaller towns.